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So what is it really to be a WOMAN today ?"

Trying to find an answer to this question, I have consistently invested into my spiritual education, I have explored different styles of life, reconsidered my relationship with Nature, plants and planets, have reconnected with my body, my breath, have re-evaluated the role of the movement and dance in my life, looked deeper into the science of nutrition…I have traveled and sat in sacred circles with different indigenous elders.


On this path, I've come to learn many good instruments that support the Feminine light, inspire the creative Spirit, and engage into a beautiful dance with the masculine. On this path, I had to reinvent myself so many times, dropping old shells and habits, and substituting with good, and healthy and sustainable practices.

I have observed the moon and re-trained myself to recognize lunar cycles and my connection to the Moon. I discovered a well of rituals and practices to honor and support the Moon time (menstruation). And through the circle and women's work, I have been sharing all these techniques and know-hows with many.


As many women are awakening today across the planet, we begin to understand more and more the responsibility of healthy birthing and well-nourishing of our children, as well as raising them respectful and loving.

We start remembering our ancient alliance and connection with the Water, as women always used to be the guardians of it for their families; and we keep our water prayers flowing daily. As medicinal women and healers we are restoring our connection with Plants…with herbs, flowers, and allowing the Spirit plant guide us back to our original knowledge.


We looking back in the Past to discover healing techniques and inventing newborn practices; with grace and smile, disciplining our selves in strengthening the muscle of Intuition. We rewriting our cook books, listening to our temple-bodies, and starting to plant our own food. We craft. We dance. We create and we are slowly stepping into leading with Wisdom and Sweetness of the heart. 


The “Moonbow” women circle was born in 2009…Once a lunar month we gather for the New Moon ceremony to reconnect with each other, to welcome new sisters, to share the wisdom and perhaps to remember why we are here and what women role truly is.. We are re-learning how to live on this Planet in harmony and peace with the Mother, how to honor the Spirit, how to love ourselves.

Through this ancient tradition of female gatherings under the New Moon, we create a new reality for ourselves by setting intentions that will guide and support us in the month to come. We synchronize our cycles and inner rhythms with the energy of the New Moon to awaken our magical powers to transform.

The sacred space that we create with our loving energy helps us to open and share with each other both our challenges and our joys. To laugh and to cry, to give and to receive, to ask and to listen… To remember that we are spiritual beings…

To discover inner strength to live our individual truths…

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