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Master your mystery

Mastering your mystery...Women are by their very design are full of mystery

Have you ever heard that when a baby girl is born, her ovaries contain all of the eggs she will ever produce. But these eggs are not fully developed.

Now let's stop for a second here. So, when you gramma was pregnant with you, at some point of you being inside of your mom's embryo body, and your grandma belly - some part of you was physically created. even though you might have never met your grandmother, on some evolutional fundamental level you have.

To elaborate even more, we can think about our own time traveling for about 7 months in our grandmother womb. Grandmother energy, her emotional and physical health, the political situation of her time all that somehow influenced affected your development. What if it would be possible to time travel back and reconnect to our grandma memories, for example to her knowledge of plants and herbs, to her skillful hand-crafting, to her voice and her songs.

I can tell you that these experiments to develop a conscious ability to link back, to re-upload the original information our cells may have memories off, have been started and we are getting some humble yet positive first results...When we start aligning our calendars with the one Moon, when we start joining women under new moon as a collective prayer-ritual circle on the regular basis, we develop a new or revive a maybe dormant until now, yet very rich very mysterious essence in us. When we learn to listen to our body, to take care of it and respect its physical and energetic health, one can re-spring the flow of her own maternal memory fluids in her being...

Women are full of mystery; become a master of your mystery. Join our weekly women yoga classes and moonthly (lunar) circles to master yours!

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