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Celebrating life, honoring transitions...

Human life is like a colorful thread with many rare beads of various transitions and events; these major events make our life-route turn into new directions; these moments are important for us and we feel the urge to commemorate and hold, and honor these memories as they become good orienteers for the future; for us to tell the story to our offsprings. We transition from childhood to youth, from adulthood to maturity, we're uniting with our special ones to create families, partnership, we give birth to our children, we celebrate our becoming, and finally, we pass away. These events initiate new cycles in our life; and these cycles will directly correlate with the evolution of our body as it grows, develops, matures, becomes old, and finally transforms.


These cycles are also triggering shifts in our energetics: our spirituality is cycling as well. It is natural to desire to celebrate the cycles and it is important to assist these transitions with beautiful, auspicious and soul-touching rituals. These are sacred moments and it's in our birth right to evolve in the way we elevate our spirits.


If you are open and brave to start a new spiritual tradition for your family such as mother blessingway ceremony to support your pregnant sister, daughter or friend in a very special way, or if you want to baptize your baby in a circle of elder women in a pure river water with original prayers from various world traditions and spontaneous songs, if you are marrying someone who is coming from a different culture and you want to have a customized ritual for your and your future spouse, or if you want to create a brand-new way of celebrating your birthday, your Solar Return, we are here to help;  always happy to collaborate in the most open, creative and auspicious way.

We are here to celebrate your life, and honor your transitions.

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