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WELCOME and thank you for your curiosity…here is why we are here:

Our mission is exploring the mystical ways of human spirit embodiment and understanding how to grow and nourish our relationship with the Great Spirit. We are dedicated to bring back and integrate the forgotten knowledge of being conscious citizens on Earth; our goal is to stream this knowledge into today’s rituals, prayers, and songs.


My name is Volga; I am a native of Moscow, Russia.     

I am a yoga-teacher, songwriter and performer, ritualist, and a Spirit embodiment guide. The current of my life brought me on Turtle Island, where I have been residing and growing new roots. We organize and hold monthly lunar circles, weekly yoga practices, and other events, as well as gardening and beekeeping in and slowly growing the community in a little sanctuary of nature and spirit, called the NEST, located in Weston, MA.


VOLGABO is my life project I have been working on for more than a decade. To learn more click the link below.

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